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NewCover Safety Cover

NewCover Safety Cover

A Pool Cover for all seasons: -Newcover 6web2

NewCover is a Safety CoverSafety Cover, a Winter CoverWinter Cover and a Floating (heat-retention) CoverFloating (heat-retention) Cover all in one!

Very simple and practical in use, NewCover provides peace-of-mind and prevents accidents to children and pets.

It keeps the water clean and maintains the temperature in both heated and unheated pools.

Opening the pool is done by turning a hand crank and replacement of the cover is done by simply pulling a rope from the end of the pool.

Thanks to a mechanism mounted on an axle with 2 bearings and a wheeled 'trolley' system, the opening and closing of the pool is swift and effortless.

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Advantages: -

Makes any pool 100% safe in only 5 minutes.

Prevents evaporationevaporation (thereby reducing heat loss), saving 1000's of litres of   water.

Keeps the water clean by excluding dust and leaves, reducing the amount of sanitiser required.

Excludes light from the pool, making it very difficult for AlgaeAlgae to proliferate.

Can be used as a soft play area (or cool sunbathing area!).

No fence to clutter the garden up. 

Comes complete with cover-pump to drain rainwater.

Very affordable!

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 Opening the poolOpening the pool

 Closing the poolClosing the pool

 A child having fun!A child having fun!

 Adult relaxing on the NewCoverAdult relaxing on the NewCover





Note: -REMOVE the cover during SUPERCHLORINATIONSUPERCHLORINATION and LEAVE IT OFF until chlorine levels have returned to BELOW 3 PARTS-PER-MILLION.

We can supply NewCover as a DIY item or we can install it for you.

Note: - keep the water level correct at 75mm (3 inches) above the entrance to the skimmer to avoid damage to the cover.

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