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Introducing Zeoclere-30; the most effective, most economic media for sand-filters

Zeoclere-30with outstanding qualities to keep your pool crystal clear and odour-free for 10 years or more.


Zeoclere-30 is a specially selected mineral (a granulated volcanic rock) for use in swimming pool filtration.  It removes  ammonia (brought into the pool by humans!) and also removes the metals present in some water supplies, particularly well-water. 


Zeoclere-30 increases water clarity by 60% when compared to conventionaSilex filtration media (sand) or glass.

For every 100Kg of Silex in a filter only 80Kg of Zeoclere-30 is required

It's not difficult to chage the contents of your sand-filter yourself - learn how to do it here


Zeoclere-30 Filtration Media Achievements

  1. DWI Chemical Committee Approval  - for use in public pools
  2. NSF 61 certification for drinking water
  3. NSF 50 certification for use in pools and spas
  4. NSF 50-ii Certification Tests - turbidity
  5. Ready to ship worldwideGSA approval for use in US Military Bases worldwide 
  • High ammonia removal (average 2.8gm per litre.)
  • High-efficiency ion removal 
  • Longevity 10+ years (Sand lasts for only 3-4 years and would need to be changed twice in this time period)
  • Turbidity (cloudiness) up to 60% improvement when compared to silica sand (Silex) or glass media
  • No health hazards
  • Zeoclere has a far greater (400%) surface area than silica sand or glass and collects suspended particles from the pool very quickly
  • Therefore, backwashing is dramatically reduced, saving 1000's of litres of water each year for 10 years
  • The benefits of using Zeoclere30 

    Jolly Gel
      • No ammonia and no chloramines
      • No sore, red eyes
      • No dry skin or dry, brittle hair
      • No nasty, acrid smells
      • Reduces chemical use by up to 30%
      • Saves on water through reduced backwashing
      • Greatly improves water quality

     When used with Jolly Gel Zeoclere-30 produces pool water of even greater transparencywater so clear it's almost invisible!

Please read a Testimonial here - and see what Zeoclere can do for your pool (and your pocket!)

Useful information: -

Zeoclere-30 Data Sheet

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