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Safety Handrails

Safety Handrails

Pool handrails are the most frequently forgotten pool safety accessory, but they can give your poola 'touch of class' - while helping to eliminate falls.

Our handrail designs offer something with a difference - they are unlike all the others you may have seen.Blue_handrail_masked_RESIZED.jpg - 62.30 kB



Swimming pools can be dangerous places.


TRUE STORY - A few years ago I was in Malaga University Hospital for a small operation.
When I awoke from surgery I noticed I had a new 'neighbour' in the next bed - a French gentleman in his fifties.
Summoning my schoolboy French I learned that he had fallen on the steps of his hotel pool and had fractured his hip.
He said, 'And the worst thing is, I did exactly the same thing last year!'
Same hotel, same pool, same steps, still no handrail.


Getting in and out of the pool can be difficult for some swimmers, and most pool falls occur at the steps.

Every year, tens of thousands of swimmers suffer injuries from falls and slips.


The elderly, the disabled, expectant mothers, children, and anyone with mobility problems will all benefit from having a handrail installed.
A fall onto hard pool steps can be very painful and could easily result in a broken hip.

As we get older our bones become more brittle, increasing the chances of a serious injury from a fall.
Hopefully we'll continue to get older so installing a handrail to your pool will become an absolute necessity at some point in the future.

Installing a handrail now, BEFORE a fall that could change your life (or even end it!) is simply good common sense.

A good pool handrail is a stable, steadying handgrip when entering or leaving the pool.

Unfortunately, many pool-owners only realise the importance of handrails for pool safety when it's too late - when someone has already had a fall.


All our handrails are top-quality, manufactured from AISI-316 or AISI-304 stainless-steel, and are unaffected by sanitising chemicals such as acid, chlorine, bromine, salt or hydrogen peroxide for extra-long life, and all are Guaranteed.

Our handrails do not obstruct a pool-cover or a Katchakid Pool Safety Net.


NOTE - if you have a saltwater pool you should install AISI-316 Stainless Steel because salt will corrode lesser quality steels.
Alternatively, choose a powder-coated or laquered handrail made from AISI-304 stainless-steel to eliminate the possibility of corrosion.

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We can supply (or supply-and-install on the Costa del Sol) any type of handrail to your pool, usually without draining the water.

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